For 2023 10% of all sales will be going to different rescues, and organizations !!

If you want to preorder treats to support a specific group you can, just leave us a note, email or message so we know when to send them and make them closer to that time so they are nice and fresh! 

For the month of  December and January, we will be using the funds to support the bake shop. Due to transitioning to having a rescue for 6 months we want to be sure they get equal time with us having Farmers Market so a new Rescue will be set up for February-July and August- January. 

We will be closed: 

​closed 12/23/23 - 12/31/23

We will be at: 

Howell Sunday Farmers Market:​​

Dates may change. 


  We can do delivery to local areas, shipping, or you can come pick up your orders if you would like. If you would like to pick your order up at Howell Farmers Market, please have orders in by Wednesdays of the week of market and be sure to check the schedule that we will be at market that week. 

 Rescue / Groups for 2023:

Canine Compaion Rescue Center 
K9 Stray Rescue League
Claws and Paws Rescue
Basset Hound Rescue of Michigan

Veteran Service Dog Organization
Providing for Paws
August: ChiHaven of Michigan

September: Livingston County Animal Shelter
Boxer Haven

We recommend you see the Nutritional Information page as well as speak to your pets doctor if your pet has food allergies, diabetic, or has special dietary needs.

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